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Melissa Franco

Melissa Franco

Director of Operations and Client Excellence

Melissa attended Portland State University and holds a business management certification from the university’s Center for Executive and Professional Education.

She has been interested in the finance industry since adolescence, when she served as an administrative assistant for a small investment company whose clients were educators. Melissa gained crucial experience and insights outside of finance, too, including mastering real estate investments and once owning her own business. Her professional inclinations, however, kept tilting toward finance; prior to joining Rosenbaum Financial in 2010, she served as executive office manager of John Hancock Financial’s Portland office. At Rosenbaum Financial, Melissa’s bailiwick on the organizational side is managing her teams and ensuring deadlines for clients always are met. On the client side, she manages projects from all perspectives to ensure each client’s experience is lasting and impactful.

Outside of work, Melissa takes great interest in the well-being of animals and both children and adults with special needs. To keep a level head, she works out (especially on weights) a lot and also on her own family’s farm, home not only to her children but also to 27 chickens, one rabbit, and untold numbers of fruits and vegetables. Presidential biographies are her books of choice.