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Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies

A comprehensive financial plan weighs competing factors, such as risk and returns, to meet your performance and quality-of-life goals. In addition to addressing your long- and short-term personal objectives your financial plan must consider risk, income needs, income, and estate taxation, inter-generational desires, closely held business and non-tradable asset plans, charitable objectives, and more. The plan that's fit for you defines the outcomes and strategies put in place to reach your goals while simultaneously preparing to respond to unexpected circumstances which certainly will arise.

Investment Management

We are inquisitive. The most important aspect of investment management is posing the probing, in-depth questions and listening -- intently -- to the responses of our investment partners, vendors, and to you, our clients. We insist on fully understanding your experiences, depth, costs, risks, charitable leanings, and personal, family, and community objectives. We understand this process can be anxiety-provoking, however, we have found that uncovering discomfort leads to strategies and results which create long term comfort.

Financial Planning

A customized financial plan is integrated into each investment decision we make on our clients behalf. Incorporating your unique variables into the plan results in a comprehensive approach tailored to your unique financial future

Insurance Planning

Rosenbaum Financial has more than 60 years’ experience in the best use of insurance, delivering tax-free cash precisely when it is needed. It is properly designed and employed in matters of business succession, estate planning, and charitable giving. 

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