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Dr. Arun Gandhi “Lessons from my Grandfather

We were proud to host Arun Gandhi in Portland this June.  These videos are clips from his presentation where he incorporates wisdom from his grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi

Why bring Dr. Gandhi and his message to our clients and friends?  Investment meetings with our clients today often include observations on the the nature of discourse around the world.  Often its the "us vs. them"  where differences are seen as a problem and certainly not an asset.  This divisiveness impacts the market both in the US and with our international partners. While this short term political and economic volatility has limited consequence on our longer term strategies directly, it is source of concern.  Dr. Gandhi's remarks provided an afternoon of thoughtful contemplation on what is possible when we disagree, without being disagreeable.

“Gratitude" with Louie Schwartzberg

Summer Barbeque

Entertainment provided by international champions Portland State University Chamber Choir”