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Investment Management

We model our investment approach after the Northwest’s pioneering spirit. We ask challenging questions to truly understand our clients’ risk tolerance, goals, and objectives so we can create a customized plan.

Our role as fiduciaries sets us apart from other investment brokers or money managers. We must – at all times – serve the best interests of our client. Our investment and securities work is compensated through a fee-only system, paid directly by the client, and not from any fund or company.

We have access to a wide range of expertise and sophisticated tools to keep us ahead of industry trends. We constantly incorporate new information from experts within and outside the industry to create up-to-date, effective strategies for our clients.

Frontier Engineer

Our Frontier Engineer™ system is an innovative approach to diversification and risk management. It has an academic foundation, but applies real world assumptions.

We stress test assumptions in various return environments so we are not presuming an average year, every year. Our tool does not rely on conditional diversifiers, which tend to fail when you need them the most.

With Frontier Engineer™, we are able to bring context to historical and potential drawdowns of the portfolio through this tool.

Asset Allocation

Our Asset Allocation strategy is a forward-thinking approach to investing.

We consider inflows, outflows, and for institutional clients, enterprise risk. Our approach is long-term, and involves as much risk as needed, but no more.

Tax Efficiency

For many clients, tax efficiency is a critical component we must consider. We have specific after-tax strategies that we invoke, and our buy and sell strategies take tax implications into account. This approach to tax efficiency applies to our traded investment advice and our alternative investment opportunities.

We do not rely solely on past performance to estimate future results. Rather, we incorporate sophisticated modeling on future economic expectations as a key part of asset allocation and risk assessment.

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