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Financial Planning

A customized financial plan is integrated into each investment decision we make on our clients behalf. Incorporating your unique variables into the plan results in a comprehensive approach tailored to your unique financial future.

Some clients come to us with long-term established plans and objectives. They ask that we review and integrate them into an ongoing investment approach. Others, including those with substantial income and assets, request to see a detailed analysis that supports their long-term objectives, risk-and-return assumptions and reinforces their spending and estate objectives. And still, others experience new issues around financial-oversight responsibilities, for example, due to retirement, death, divorce, or inheritance.

In each of these situations we incorporate some or all of the following:

  • Initial and ongoing discovery | We sit down with you and your family, to take all the time necessary to understand your unique goals and challenges and to learn more about your concerns around your wealth and your life. For instance, we ask, What are your plans and goals? What are the risks and opportunities most relevant to you? How do you currently address these matters? What should change?

  • Building a foundation | Once we understand where you are, your goals, and what is most important to you, we begin to assemble it all into a plan tailored for you. We collaborate with you and your other tax and legal advisors to consider your values, tax, and estate issues, risk factors, or special needs to develop a thoughtful, comprehensive plan to help you navigate the next chapters of your life.

  • Advanced planning | We go well beyond investments; we help you take deliberate steps to address your most pressing financial concerns. This step assists you in areas such as business succession, charitable-giving plans, or facilitating family meetings about preparing your loved ones for potential inheritance.

  • Tracking progress | We create your Investment Policy Statement, which is a plan that serves as a roadmap describing how we handle your investments in a coordinated fashion and always with your objectives front and center. Easy 24/7 tracking is available so you can monitor any time the performance of your investment portfolio and the ongoing status of your wealth-management plan. Perhaps most important, we are here for you. We are available whenever you may need to meet or consult about questions, concerns, and objectives.

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